Overheard in NYC, 12/11/2007

Tuesday Night, 11PM.

The cold, damp corner of 79th Street & Lexington Avenue is occupied by a 60ish, utterly nondescript man, a woman with two cute, fluffy dogs in equally cute dog sweaters and myself on my way home from work.

The light changes to WALK. The man speaks. His voice is as quiet and mild mannered as his appearance. What do you think he said? I'm reporting this quote verbatim:

"I think you should put your slum ghetto dogs in army uniforms & send them to Iraq so they can get bombed with the rest of our white American soldiers."

Whoa, OK! What's going on here? Does this guy hate dogs? Perhaps he just has a problem with cuteness.

I'm usually the first to revel in the outlandish & zany behavior we sometimes take for granted here in the city. But listen; I hope someone smacks me into submission if I ever fall so low as to attack tiny little cute fluffy dogs my cat could eat for breakfast.



Anonymous said...

It' beginning to sound a lot like Christmas. Someone needs to wish this gentleman a "Merry Christmas", "Happy Holidays" or just "Hope you have a good evening." I'm not a New Yorker--but that's my take. Jane T.

Mick said...

dude, i got a story for you.. on my blog!